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Ultra Thin, Fluff Pulp free & Adhesive free Absorbent Cores

Ultra lightweight, highly absorbent, fluff pulp free, adhesive and binder free, core wrap free, low cost absorbent cores of less than 2mm in thickness. 

Suitable for incorporation into Infant Diapers, Adult Incontinence, Feminine Hygiene products and other applications where liquid absorption is required. 

These absorbent cores are produced using sound waves to dissipate powdered or spherical grades of Sodium Polyacrylate blends of any commercial type or PSD within a single layer, application specific nonwoven fabric substrate that functions as the core. 

This innovative absorbent system also incorporates a new, in house developed  Acquisition and Distribution Layer (ADL) that also functions as a Top Sheet providing exceptional softness, comfort and performance for the consumer. 

Our new cores have been independently tested in accordance with EDANA and INDA protocols providing results that outperform all of the global market leading brands.


Adsorbent Barrier Films & Foils

Used for the manufacture of ostomy products, the film is virtually silent in use, does not require a separate activated carbon filter to control flatus gases and can be manufactured in rotary production systems to achieve higher output speeds with smaller machine footprint. 

The film can be manufactured from wholly bio sourced materials if required.


Adsorbent Gas Permeable Structures

Produced using our new, dry dissipation technology using sound waves at up to 10x faster production speeds when compared to conventional wet spray production systems. 

Suitable for the manufacture of wound care dressings, CBRN protection systems, medical filtration and many other gas and odour filtration applications.

Our Technologies

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Powder & Particle Impregnation by Sound Waves

We have developed a novel process for managing, impregnating and immobilising powders and particles within air permeable substrates using sound waves only without the use of binders, adhesives or any other bonding agents whatsoever. 

This technology is fast, effective and highly energy efficient and can be applied to most powder types and particle sizes. 

We also have the resources to develop, produce and test application specific substrates for virtually any given product type or structure thereby ensuring optimum performance of the end product at the lowest manufacturing cost.


Our Process Capabilities

  • Organic particles and powders
  • Inorganic particles and powders
  • Conductive particles and powders (including metal, carbon, activated carbon)
  • Magnetic particles and powders
  • Multiple particle and powders types in the same process
  • Any combination of organic, inorganic, conductive or magnetic powders in the same process
  • Dry ‘printed’ powder dispersion in specific patterns or text designs
  • Very accurate particle and powder dispersions from as low as 10 gsm
  • High particle and powder loadings of up to 10x the mass of the substrate weight
  • Gradient dispersion through the cross section of the substrate
  • Nonwoven, woven and unidirectional fibre substrates
  • Open cell foams
  • Combination substrates of fibres and open cell foams
  • Particles and powders immobilised within the substrate without the use of binders or adhesives
  • Particle and powder sizes ranging from sub-micron to 3mm in size


Powder Management

Powders consist of three basic phases:

  • The solids that form the particles 

  • The air between the particles

  • The moisture on the surface of, within and between the particles. 

Generally, powders with an average particle size below 10 microns have poor flowability and can therefore be difficult to process in product manufacture. 

We have developed a technology to ensure that even the most nonflowing powder types can be made to flow readily without additives or lubricants of any type.

These powders can then be very accurately dispersed onto the substrate surface and impregnated into the substrate using our sound wave technology.


Powder Immobilisation

We have developed a technology for immobilising impregnated powders within a given substrate without the use of binders or adhesives thus ensuring that the powders are able to function at maximum efficiency. 

This technology uses the structure of the substrate itself to entrap the powder within the substrate matrix and can be applied to most powder and particle types irrespective of the particle size distribution profile of the powder.

About Our Business

Our Business Model

Our Business Model

Our Business Model


Optimum Technology provides established Tier 1 and Tier 2 partners in each market sector of Healthcare, Hygiene, Cosmetics, Wound Care and Energy Storage with technology and service solutions under own label manufacturing, marketing and sales agreements, technology or product licensing agreements, technology transfer arrangements or joint ventures. 

Our Resources

Our Business Model

Our Business Model


As a business, we have key strategic relationships with global leaders in biodegradable materials, technical non woven fabrics, state of the art manufacturing, engineering tooling, production systems, advanced processing and robotics in addition to close working relationships with world class research and development houses on three continents and Tier 1 universities.

Our Expertise

Our Business Model

Research & Development


We have developed key skills and expertise in the sourcing, implementation and processing of biodegradable and fibre based materials obtained from sustainable and renewable resources into new, high performance technologies that provide not only green solutions in terms of disposal but importantly further improve the lives of consumers and patients.

Research & Development

Development Partnerships

Research & Development


A key aspect of our activity is the development of new technology and new products with genuine commercial potential. We are constantly looking to develop disruptive technologies and we invest heavily each year in such programmes with at least 30% of our annual revenues being earmarked for internal research and development.

Our Reach

Development Partnerships

Development Partnerships


We operate in the global market and have representation in the Americas, all over Europe and Asia. Together with our network of specialists and experts in local, regional and international markets we are able to take on any challenge from one off R&D projects to full scale product, process and manufacturing development.

Development Partnerships

Development Partnerships

Development Partnerships


Although we generate our own innovative products and design concepts in-house, we are always open to collaboration with other companies, universities and experienced inventors so if you feel that we have the resources and expertise necessary to assist your project, please contact us.

Our Current Market Focus


Anti-Viral Masks

We have developed a new technology for manufacturing anti-viral masks that deactivate all known airborne virus types, including the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19 coronavirus) upon contact, within the mask. The active compounds that we employ to deactivate the virus are sustainable, naturally occurring substances that are harmless to humans, animals, plant and marine life but deadly to virus  - to find out more, please visit our dedicated website at:

Ultra Thin, Fluff Pulp Free & Adhesive Free Absorbent Cores

We have developed and own a new technology for use in the manufacture of consumer hygiene products that produces absorbent cores that are extremely thin and contain no fluff pulp or adhesive materials within the core construction. This absorbent core technology is suitable for use in the manufacture of infant diapers, adult incontinence products and feminine hygiene products as well as ancillary products such as absorbent bedding, absorbent seating covers and any other relevant application where liquid waste requires an absorbent media.

Wound Care

We are working closely with a major global player in the wound care market to develop an improved wound care dressing for use on patients with acute, chronic or second and third-degree burns. The new dressing will evacuate fluid from the wound bed and increase blood flow to the area thereby improving healing time and outcomes. Using a variation of this new wound care dressing type, it will also be possible to irrigate to wound and or supply remedials such as anti-biotics directly to the sire of the wound.

Active Cosmetics Products

In conjunction with a global leader in the cosmetics industry, we are developing a new technology to impregnate active powders into cellulose based non-woven fabric substrates to create a new generation of skin care products. These new products will be more efficient at delivering the active powder to the skin and also result in the need for simpler packaging which can either be fully recyclable or biodegradable.

Adsorbent Barrier Films & Foils

We have developed and own a new technology that provides an alternative to the use of PVdC, PVOH or Nylon as a gas or odour barrier in thin films & foils whereby we adsorb the contained gases or odours within a sandwich structure. This technology has particularly useful applications in devices used for the collection of body waste such as in ostomy, urostomy and ileostomy pouches since the technology allows for the elimination of a separate conventional activated carbon filter within the product for providing odour control to flatus gases. The elimination of a separate filter structure also allows for the pouches to be manufactured in a rotary production system thereby making manufacture both faster and less expensive than current indexing manufacturing systems.

Carbon Based Battery Technology

Conventional battery technology broadly falls into two sectors – acid cell or Lithium ion technology. Lithium ion batteries are the current choice for portable devices such as mobile phones and laptops as well as fully electric and hybrid cars. The main problem with batteries used for propulsion in electric vehicles is range anxiety and charging time. These two issues revolve around the energy storage density of the battery itself. At this time, the effective range of Lithium ion batteries in cars is around 300 miles (480 Km) and those batteries provide circa. 85kWh and weigh upwards of 500Kg – this equates to 1kWh per 6.35Kg of battery. Our focus is to drastically improve the power to weight output of battery technology by using carbon based technology and without Lithium. Lithium is a finite resource that is expensive, hazardous and prone to fire as has been the case with some electric vehicles and mobile devices. Carbon is an abundant resource that is cheap, safe and easy to process and handle. Our target is to achieve energy storage at 1kWh per 1kg of battery – thus making a single charge range of 1000 miles possible with very fast charging times. We are also working on carbon based technology for a new type of supercapacitor to enhance the use of our new battery technology within the vehicle propulsion sector.

Adsorbent Gas Permeable Structures

We have developed and own a new technology for managing the dissipation of activated carbon within breathable substrates and fibrous structures in a wholly dry process. Our process is more than 10x faster than conventional wet spray methods and provides structures suitable for use in the manufacture of wound care dressings, CBRN protective systems, medical and other filtration devices in addition to super capacitor applications for energy recovery and storage systems.

Contact Us


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24 Grosvenor Street, West End, London, W1K 4QW, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)207 491 1810 group@optimum-technology.com


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How We Run Our Business


Our Credo

  • Our primary responsibility is to the consumers, patients, healthcare workers, partners, business associates and other users of our products and services and we shall strive to give them confidence that our products and services are safe, reliable, of high quality and good value.
  • We shall endeavour to take care of the environment by implementing policies and practices that are energy efficient, clean and generate recycling or biodegradation opportunities in our products, services and day to day activities.
  • Our licensees, joint venture partners, distributors and suppliers shall be served efficiently, promptly and courteously and shall have an opportunity to make a fair profit from trading with us.
  • We shall pay our bills and taxes on time and expect to be paid for our products and services in a timely manner too.
  • We have a responsibility to make a fair profit within our business so that we can maintain a stable environment for our staff, invest in research and development, innovate new products and processes, acquire new capital equipment and provide reserves for times of adverse conditions.
  • Our staff are key assets and each of them shall be considered an individual with the freedom to contribute to the operation of the business, implement their talents and skills and provide input on improvements as well as make constructive criticism of how all aspects of the business are managed.
  • Staff compensation shall be fair and excellence in performance recognised and there shall be equal opportunity for the employment, development and advancement of those qualified.
  • All staff shall be responsible for maintaining a clean, orderly, safe and congenial working environment and be mindful of the communities in which we live and work.
  • The management of the business shall be competent, just and ethical and focussed on leading the business strategically, efficiently and profitably whilst serving our consumers, partners, distributors, suppliers and staff.
  • Our final responsibility is to our shareholders who may expect to realise a fair return for their investment in our business.

European General Data Protection Regulation 2018

We are fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 25 May 2018. Although we may hold Personal Data (as defined within the regulation) about you, for example, your name, telephone number and/or email address, we do not hold any Sensitive Personal Data (as defined within the regulation) about you or any other of our commercial or business contacts whatsoever. We never share any Personal Data that we hold about any of our commercial or business partners or contacts. If you require any further information or questions about how we manage personal data within our organisation, please contact our Processor at